Bulls Plus Ltd.

Bulls plus Limited was incorporated in 1999 with focus as a Quasi financial services/transaction brokering institution involved in Management and Marketing consultancy, Capital Market Intermediation services and professional financial and portfolio planning services.

We are also involved in Property brokerage and acquisitions both in Nigeria and across Africa. With considerable affiliations in Ghana, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, Bulls Plus have acquired in depth market knowledge of the various client destinations which has enabled them be at the middle of several top notch business brokering

This knowledge of various markets has provided the key platform for cutting edge services to discerning clients both in the micro-economy in Rivers state of Nigeria (where they provide Internal Revenue generation strategies for the statutory agencies and their contractors) since 2007.

Some of the notable Management services provided our clients include corporate restructuring (especially in the transport sector) and business advisory for private firms in Real Estate and in Oil Marketing sectors.

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