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Affiliate marketing is an agreement between a product/service owner and an advertiser (the affiliate), in which the affiliate receives a reward (usually cash-based) on any customer he sends to the product/service owner. In simple words, you (the affiliate) will be paid a pre-agreed percentage of income on every sale you make through your efforts....
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The New Nigeria- Start an Online Business Today!

Our current reality in Nigeria ensures that not everyone can access the much desired white collar 9-5 jobs and that is why entrepreneurial awareness is on the increase in our beloved country. So although small businesses have become somewhat of a necessity in countries such as Nigeria, in more developed nations businesses are started as...
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Rooah! Publishing Network

Website Publishers participating in our program are bound by the program terms and conditions. In addition, all publishers must read and comply with the policies provided below. Rooah! reserves the right to change the policies at any time without prior notice to the publisher. The publisher understands that it is their sole responsibility...

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